Matthew,Mark, Luke and John talk about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Weread in Joel 2:28-29 about what iscoming in the last days.

1. Matthew 3:11

2. Mark 1:8

3. Luke 3:16

4. John 1:33

5. Acts 1:5

6. Acts 3:19, 20

7. Acts 28: 25, 26


Goddid all He could in the Old Testament to get the people of Israel ready for theMessiah.  But the Jewish nation did notbelieve or accept Jesus Christ.


Duringthe four gospels it was the time of the, "Son of Man".  In Joel2:28, 29, from Acts 1 on, it isthe, "Day of Pentecost" which are the, "Days of theSpirit."


Inthe Old Testament the Spirit was around us but not in us.  The priest was the conduit to God.  But God wants that close relationship Hewants to be within us not separated from us.


ThisHoly Spirit talked about in Acts 1 isnot the first time mentioned in the Bible (Gen1:2)


Pentecostwas not invented by Denominations, it belongs to ALL


1.  The same Holy Spirit:  There is a connection throughtout the Bible.


2.  What do we believe about the Bible?

            a. Is it all true?

            b. Did God inspire it?

            c. Is it error free?

            d. Does it apply to me and my family today?

            e. Does it have my problem answers for me?


3.  Actswas the launching pad for the church.

            a. Has the church age ended?

            b. Has the Holy Spirit been taken out of this world?

            c. Has God's plan changed?

            d. Is God's plan the same?


4.  What does the Bible have to say about theHoly Spirit? Hebrews 2: 4


5.  Does God speak today after the closure ofthe Cannon? Yes!

            a. You are that sign, you point people to Christ through what God has yousay and do.              We are to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. 1 Corinthians12:8-10

                        (1).  Word of wisdom

                        (2).  Word of knowledge

                        (3).   Faith

                        (4).   Healing

                        (5).   Working of miracles

                        (6).   Working of prophecy

                        (7).   Discerning of spirits

                        (8).   Divers kinds of tongues

                        (9).   Interpretation of tongues


            b.  The very fact that the gifts of the Spirit are for signs is proof thatthey are needed today and are therefore available for us today.


6.   The Bible is the Word of God and is clear -Living Bible, Living Spirit.


7.   What happened at Pentecost?  God fullfilled the prophet Joelpronouncement of the out pouring of the Holy Spirit.


8.   Acts1 John the Baptist stated, "He that cometh after me is mighterthan I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall baptize you with the HolySpirit, and with Fire." (Matthew 3: 11). 

            God proved His fullfillment of His Word - single beliver.

            It's all of US thing.

            1st get saved to receive the HolySpirit.

            When you get saved ask God foreverything:

                        a.  All the gifts.

                        b.  Turn your life over to Him.

                        c.  Let God work through you.

                        d.  God will help you clean up your act.

                        e.  Do not limit or control God.


9.   World wide Resurrected Spirit Filled Church - whole church is Pentecost.


            TheNursary of the Church was the Upper Room.


Myfaith is a God of Mircles Luke 11: 13.  Crown of what God wants to give us.