John 3:16


God saved us so we could lead others to faith inChrist.  There is nothing more rewardingthan taking that opportunity to lead someone to Christ.  When it is a friend it is special.


We want people to experience the same joy and peace that wehave living for the Lord.


So often we hold back talking to people about Christ becauseof a fear that we might not do it right. That they would reject Christ and that some how God would hold usresponsible.  Yet God made this a partof His salvation plan to share Him with others so they could have this samepeace that we have.  This is one of theresponsibilities of the church.


We want them to experience and have the infilling of theHoly Spirit just like we have experienced. Acts 1:8 This is a command that we shall be witnesses.


We have to be obedient to what God is asking us to do.  When God ask something of us He will alwaysgive us the resources to accomplish it.


Witnessing should not be a dreaded chore but a desire thatcomes from the heart because of our walk with the Lord.  It should be an overflow of our Christianwalk.  The people in the Bible were notreluctant to talk about Christ even when it could mean death to them.  All the disciples except John were martyredfor the cause of Christ. This also included Paul.  Today that is not true, death is no part of the normal Christianlife.


God is not a respecter of persons, therefore He expects eachof us to be missionaries from this church and be a witness for Him.


When we think of Christ as our best friend can’t we talk toothers about someone as important to us as Christ.


There are certain fears that restrict us from sharing ourfaith with others.


Fear of rejection: We want to be accepted by others so we dress,talk, and have habits that are geared to our lifestyle and have us accepted byothers.  We would like to think we thatwe are in the main stream of life’s acceptance.  We work hard to stay on track.


We want to be comfortable talking about all sorts of things,sports, cars, school, and the list goes on. Let the conversation move to religion and a wall of resistance goes upand heaviness moves in and everything comes to a halt.


WE are afraid that our ideas and beliefs will be rejected sowe usually drop the matter.


It is normally considered a private topic or matter and thesubject is dropped.  We are afraid theymight reject us on what we say and sever our relationship.


Even though the scriptures indicate that we are “specialpeople” we do not want to stand out. This is human nature, “instinctive”. Rejection is one of the hardestthings to deal with.


We have a fear of failure. We love the Lord and do not want to fail Him.  We want to please God and do what He asks of us.  But we fear our neighbors will ostracize usand that makes us feel inadequate or incompetent. 


We become withdrawn by the thoughts that they will ask aquestion that I cannot answer.


What if I don’t present the plan of salvation in the rightorder will God be mad?


This uncertainty will chill anyone from speaking out.


Our zeal may be so diluted by our feelings of inadequacythat we never even extend the offer of salvation.


Here are a few ways that will help you win your friends toChrist.

1.     Be creative: You can use the recipe of a gospel track.  This will help you feel comfortable about covering all thematerial.  You can walk through it andmake sure you do not miss anything. Sharing our faith is not mechanical. As you read down through the track add life experiences, this will helprelax you.

2.     Be sensitive: Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

3.     Be gradual:  Godwill always give you something to say to move a worldly conversation to aspiritual one.

4.     Be gentile:  Donot argue over religion.  We are topresent the gospel message.  Salvationis a free gift from God.  Not every onewants or is ready for it.

5.     Be persistent: Just because they reject Christ the first time does not mean that’s itfor them.

6.     Be loving:  Donot be upset because they do not accept. You can still be friends.  Thatis a plus on your side.  Let them seethe love of Jesus in you.

7.     Be personal: Tell them what God has done for you. Just speak from your heart.

8.     Be specific: Let them know that Christ died on the cross for them.  That God’s grace provides for the forgivenessof sins giving you eternal life in Heaven.







There are four steps to consider for salvation:

            Usea track if that will help.




What doesGod require of you to be saved?

1.     Aware of our sinful nature:

a.      Romans 3:10

b.     Romans 3:23

c.      Romans 6:23


2.     Belief in Jesus Christ:

a.      Acts 16: 30,31

b.     Romans 10:8,9

c.      John 1:12,13


3.     Repentance of sins:

a.     Luke 24: 46,47

b.     Acts 13: 38,39

c.      1John 1:19


4.     Receiving Jesus as savior:

a.      John 1:11

b.     Rev. 3:20

c.      John 5:13

d.     1John 1:7