Ephesians 4:31,32


Unforgiveness is the root of a lot of our mental andphysical problems.

Unforgiveness will make you mentally sick causing deepdepression and in turn will make you physically sick. It can even lead to death.This is serious, doctors will treat the symptoms and the aliment, butthey do not understand the cause.

       It will cause bitterness toward yourself and otherpeople.

       We have to search ourselves and ask God to expose theproblem.

       The realization that unforgiveness is the root of theproblem is easy to dismiss.

       Until we deal with it, it will destroy your peace andquality of life.

       You will be a prisoner to your emotions, destroyingrelationships.


There are three areas that we have to deal with:

1.     Gods forgiveness

2.     Forgive others

3.     Forgive yourself


  1. GODS FORGIVENESS is found in Romans 3:23.
    1. Sinned-is a verb (action word) Greek word hamartano to miss the mark or aim; to miss or wander from the right path, to go, or do wrong.
    2. Short- Falling or lacking.
    3. Glory- doxa honor, praise, worship.


Gods grace includes Hisforgiveness toward us. We are a wickedand perverse generation.

Ephesians 2:1-3 for all of who weare, were Gods mercy reached out. InEphesians 2:4,5 and He forgave us.

It was through Christ death and theshedding of His Blood that we are saved Ephesians 1:7. God did this on His own, not by anythingthat we have done. By faith we receivedChrist as our personnel Savior John1: 12.Jesus said that we have to be born from above John3: 3. Failure to deal with sin as a believerresults in Gods chastisement Hebrews 12:5-11.


  1. FORGIVE OTHERS - Matthew 6:14,15, we need to forgive others for what they have done to us. This is not easy when you think of what they have done to you. The problem with harboring unforgiveness is it does nothing to the person its against. Most often they do not even know it. But it will bind you up to the point you cannot even be socialable to them. You have to let it go.


       Some unforgiveness you have to ask the person toforgive you for your unforgiveness.

       Some people do not even know they have done anything toyou. You ask God to take theunforgiveness from you. They do noteven need to know.

       You cannot justify an unforgiven spirit since Christhas forgiven you.


3. FORGIVE YOURSELF Thehardest part is to forgive ourselves.We tend to

hold ourselves more accountablethan we do others. We are selfaccusers-unable to forgiveourselves when God has already forgiven us.We are hard taskmasters holding ourselves more accountable for thethings we do to others and ourselves.

Self-unforgiveness will lead todepression, self-condemnation, and low-self esteem. These things will affect our relationship with God. It will cause compulsive behavior that willaffect every aspect of our life. Someareas are eating habits, alcohol, drugs, spending, relationships, andministries.


The three elements in forgivenessare:


1.     Hurt The act that caused the unforgiveness.

2.     Debt - The toll of the burden of unforgiveness. What you think the price they should pay toget you to forgive them.

3.      Cancellation of that debt, not the payoff, but the cancellation of the debt. You haveto let it go. In some caseses only Godcan give you that freedom or release of that burden (debt). When you say; I forgive you for the hurt you have caused me and I no longerhold it against you. You will feel arelease of pressure (tension) from off of you.God will always show up at a sacrifice


You have to ask yourself to forgive yourself and ask God toheal your mind through:

1.     Confession, stating specifically the wrong you have done.

2.     Reaffirm your faith in the promise of God that He will do whatHe says He will do.

3.     Affirm by faith you are free from your unforgiveness and theguilt you harbored. Let God minister toyou and you will feel a heavy burden lift off of you.