Matthew 7:24-27


For believers, every failure can be a stepping-stone tosuccess.


In Matthew 7:24-27 we find that in failure the man wascalled foolish.So often that is whatis handed to us.If we fail, it somehow means we have done something wrong or foolish.


We Fear failure because of the stigma thatgoes with it, but failure is a natural part of life.


There are all different types of failures in our life.† Some that we do to ourselves and some thatare done to us. Some we get blamed for and sometimes we feel like a scapegoat,ďsomeone to hang the blame on.Ē


It is how we handle these failures as to weather we getdepressed or find victory (learn something) from these failures.


Some failures are devastating to us.† Some times we do not know how to get aroundthem.


The biggest failure we can think of is Adam and Eve.† They pay for that mistake daily.


When you read Godís Word we find numerous times were Godísservants suffered failure.


David had numerous failures during his life.† Some of them God chastised him for, and someHe suffered punishment.Through it allDavid had a right relationship with God, which allowed him to move past thesefailures.David did not put them in asack and carry them around.Taking themout and showing everyone how bad he had it.


You have to be able to look past your failure and moveon.Get a resolution (answer) for itand move on.


The steps of success are resolved failure.† You are going to fail.


Children are the campgrounds for parental failure.† Child raising is a daily reminder of ourfailure.


As in Matthew 7:24-27 we can see two methods of building afirm foundation.

††††††††††† One wasbuild on truth and the other deceit and dishonesty.


Truth will always stand up under pressure of any type.


Any aspect of life that violates truth is doomed to failure.


What ever you build will be tested.† The consequences of shoddy work, laziness,dishonesty, will bring failure.


Galatians 6:7-10, what ever we do will come out.† Some failures we have control over we justmake bad decisions.These are easy tosee the solutions and can be fixed by changing what we are doing or how weapproach and do things.Others are notso clear and we need God to help us.


God is not the cause of our failure, but He allows it tohappen. This is a way for God to getour attention, humble us, disciplining us, and bring us back to Himself.


Remember, there is a difference between failing and being afailure.

††††††††††† Failing isa part of life.

††††††††††† Failure isa condition of the mind.


Some failures we have to ask friends, co-workers, and ourfamilies to forgive us.

This will restore these relationships. Other failures weneed to ask Godís forgiveness to restore our relationship with Him.† Thus bringing us closure to God.