The Bible is like no other book.

Never compare it with another book.

Never say the Bible contains the word of God, -

It is the word of God.

It is supernatural in origin.

Eternal in duration,

Inexpressible in value,

Infinite in scope,

Regenerative in power,

Infallible in authority,

Universal in interest,

Personal in application,

Inspired in totally.

Read it through,

Write it down,

Pray it in,

Work it out, and pass it on.


When you go to work on a new job you are given a book ofrules and instruction on how you are to conduct yourself at work. When you areon the job you have to follow the rules of the house.


What does God say about how you are to operate in the world?

2Timothy 2:15-26


2 Timothy 2:15-word study;

·       Study—Be diligent

·       Shew---Present

·       Approved---Acceptable

·       Workman—Laborer-without cause for shame.

·       Rightly Dividing---Correctly

·       Word of Truth—Doctrine


Stop here and lets look at 2 Timothy 3:16 and 17.

·       V16 All Scripture

·       Given by inspiration—God inbreathed

·       Profitable for doctrine—Teaching what istrue.

·       Reproof---Exposing what is false.

·       Correction—Correct what is wrong.

·       For instruction in righteousness—For what is right.

·       V17-That the man of God—What is a man of God.

o      Is a man of God, God’s man?

o      You have God within you.

Moses was a man of God—because hespoke for God, a spokesman.

Being a Man of God is differentthan “being God’s man”


The Bible is written for all men regardless of yourbackground or culture, to cover a lifetime and every walk of life.  Studying the Bible is a life long adventurefull of exciting and wonderful new ideas in life.  The following lists of books are the basic ones that you willneed to study the Bible properly.


1.     Companion Bible                                  KregelPublication

2.     Smith’s Bible Dictionary                        ThomasNelson (Pub.)

3.     Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance         Thomas Nelson (Pub.)


Computer programs:


2.     PARSONS Quick Verse